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A Supercomputer in Every Garage?
by David Essex, PC World, 19 January, 2000.

New Perpetua server built to withstand attacks
By Sonia R. Lelii, PC Week Online December 3, 1999

Company Profile: Patmos International Corp
Wallstreet Reporter, December 15, 1999


Developing and producing Guaranteed Information Systems, PATMOS™ has operated in Ocean City, MD since July, 1998.

See the PATMOS™ Vision and Mission Statement here.

In August, 1999, PATMOS™ International introduced the Perpetua™ line of high availability, fault-tolerant servers at LinuxWorld® in San Jose, CA. Beside winning the Best Booth Award, PATMOS™ made quite a ruckus with their state-of-the-art and "scary looking" Linux® supercomputer systems.

In February, 2000, PATMOS identified a developmental line of machines with the name, "Janus." Janus will incorporate another budding technology, Symbolic Linux®, which will convert synchronous Linux machine clusters to symbolic, parallel environments.

The latest buzz is the announcement of a tentative release date for the PATMOS™ Quatro, the sturdy, "All Terrain Vehicle" among four-bangers with a twist: This one is a multi-node truly parallel, Linux® symbolic supercomputer.

The PATMOS™ corporate culture is one of innovation and change, while remaining a culture in which fundamental scientific principles are held in high regard.

The PATMOS™ philosophy emerges in the saying, "The Once and Future Technology". Reminiscent of British lore, it signifies a desire to return to science as it existed before the AI Winter, when artificial intelligence theory was subjugated to an ill-informed and ill-advised consumer market. Mindful of responsibilities as weighty as global warming phenomena, population explosion, and dwindling energy sources, PATMOS™ exists to provide machines capable of tackling the difficult chores before our society.

PATMOS™ began as the means by which its founder and CEO, James Gatzka, could produce a machine capable of supercomputer performance without the supercomputer pricetag.


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