Connectionist™ 4-node Cluster Does the Job of 16 Nodes to Form Virtual Hypercube

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PATMOS™ 16-node Connectionist™ machine

The power is the in Connectionist™ network: Not in the nodes!

PATMOS™ International Corporation Symbolics Connectionist™ c4 supercomputer is capable of operating in four simultaneous machine states.

Add the power of symbolics to the Connectionist™ hardware. Then add the PATMOS™ Janus Intelligent Manager, and you have a manually or automatically configurable, four-dimensional, quantum-level processing environment.

To the right, Figure 1 shows how the c4 Quatro is connected across a three-channel fibre network to provide the connections required for a four-state cognitive topography (below).

Virtual connections are acheived by coupling the latest in network hardware technology with PATMOS™ International's software.

The Clouds of Probability

With four simultaneous machine states, each represented in a different color, the symetric topographies of the PATMOS™ c4 virtual hypercube start to resemble the human brain.

Note the dots represent the virtual connections achieved through hardware and software, not the nodes.

Figure 1

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