PATMOS™ Products

PATMOS™ International Corporation is in the business of making technology work for PATMOS™ partners. Our products are organized into two groups, each targeting a different user.

Commercial Servers that NEVER GO DOWN

Perpetua™ | Shipping
For those who require an affordable, high-end server for commercial applications, data mining, render farming, or chaotic modeling, PATMOS' breakthrough Symbolic Linux™ technology empowers the 16-node PATMOS Perpetua™ with literally unparalleled performance capabilities. With this technology, Perpetua™ farms out computer tasks among its nodes in a fully redundant manner. Because the Perpetua™ acts essentially like a single RISC CPU, a system with Perpetua™ at its foundation is upgradable and expandable by nature. Perpetua™ is the world's only fast, redundant, scalable server that NEVER GOES DOWN.
Quatro | In Final Development
For small business network applications, PATMOS™ offers the Quatro line of machines. They are entry-level supercomputers containing four Linux® nodes and are ideal for serving up applications or data. Quatro employs the PATMOS™ Symbolic Linux® symbolic processing environment technology, boosting its performance significantly above the Symmetric Multiprocessing solutions offered by virtually all competitors


Symbolic Connectionist™ Machines for Scientific Research

Janus | In Final Development
For scientists requiring a machine capable of relativistic logic functions, Janus increases the ability of a computer to mimic the human brain. Utilizing high-level languages that lend themselves to relativistic logic, rather than fuzzy logic, Janus machines will take advantage of a symbolic environment, more suited for high-level modeling of chaotic systems, such as seismological or meterological ones.
nMatrix | In Research (by 2006)
Still remaining in the search for tools that will take science further into the sub-atomic realms (the nano-world) is a machine demonstrating characteristically sub-symbolic neuro-functions including spontaneous generalization, distributed process generation, and other nano-cognitive level neuro-functions. nMatrix is the sub-symbolic, natural extension to Janus' symbolic technology, a key difference between which is the operating system kernel(s). Janus will run on static Linux® kernels while nMatrix is currently being planned to dynamically deploy executive and auxillary sub-symbolic kernels built on the fly as determined by micro-cognitive level neuro-function requirements, which, themselves are results of macro-cognitive level neuro-functions. nMatrix will be capable of four-dimensional encryption. In cooperation with Indiana University, the initial research on the nMatrix sub-symbolic environment begins this summer, and its release is expected before 2006.


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