PATMOS™ Technology

Connectionist™ Example
Using a four-node Connectionist™ machine to form a virtual hyper-cube

What is Symbolics?
A discussion on symbolics in programming
by Shane Forsythe, PATMOS™

Symbolic Parallel Multiprocessing
Steven D. Johnson's document on the Daisy/DSI Project

Suspended Construction
A White Paper covering programming concepts involved in the DSI Project

Parallel Research in Hawaii
Dr. Eric Jeschke of the University of Hawaii, Hilo Researches Suspended Construction, Parallel Programming Language

What is Janus?

PATMOS™ Research and Development has been working for years to define and implement the technology, both hardware and software, used in our machines. Current PATMOS™ products are based on a Connectionist™ Systems Architecture allowing for multiple redundancy and the lowest amount of latency between Connectionist™ nodes that current technology allows. Our partners at Indiana University are working on an implementation of a true Symbolic programming language to relieve programmers of resource management concerns. Advances in Symbolics are included in the PATMOS™ Symbolic Linux® distribution.

These technologies converge in a PATMOS™ Janus machine, creating the world's most advanced supercomputer. This section includes more information about the revolutionary technologies that PATMOS™ is using to lead the modern computing world into a problem-free Connectionist™ future.


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